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Child Safety Guide (Boys)

Child Safety Guide (Girls)

Prevention Curriculum

The MY CHILD SAFETY COLORING & ACTIVITY BOOK SET is a dialogue initiation tool created to help adults produce the seemingly awkward but necessary discussion regarding child sexual abuse. The set teaches both children and adults how to detect, prevent and report abuse.

This 2-book set includes…

  • A boys’ or girls’ edition coloring & activity book (for the child )
  • A sexual abuse prevention guide (for the child’s caregiver)
  • Complimentary box of crayons!

The abuse prevention guide for adults is intended to help identify, prevent and/or interrupt abuse. The guide also assists the caregiver with teaching a child how to stay safe.

The coloring book for the child will teach the characteristics of “tricky people” by using kid-friendly language and entertaining games that engage the child.

  • Learn about good and bad touching in a fun way.
  • Learn how to properly respond to unwanted sexual advances made towards him/her.

Girls Edition $25.00!

Boys Edition $25.00!

Both editions come with a Parent/Teacher Guide!

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Mission Statement

"Our goal is to combat child sexual abuse through education. We want to ensure that every child knows how to assert him/herself against a sexual predator."

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